I’m moving to a new site! It’s been two fun years since I activated themhayonnaiseonline, and I thank you for giving it a wonderful life. I thought it’s too late for moving to a new home, but I’m here to take risks! I mean, why not? You’ll still visit me there, right? Let’s connect and read new stories at THEMHAYONNAISE.COM!

I was truly blessed to have a baby shower for Toyo! We were a little unprepared (because we honestly gave more time and effort on the decors and food, but not the program, lol) but at least we managed to gather everyone not just for a simple snack or late lunch and “kwentuhan“, but we also put a little fun for my friends to enjoy.

I never knew it would be so much fun celebrating it with friends and family. This was actually the first time I (and my family) organized a party for a large group (40+ attendees. Sorry hindi tayo kompleto sa groupfie!), so bear with us. Haha! This was also the first time I invited my closest friends from different circles to get together under one roof. So yes, this event was very important to me!


I still can’t believe I’m having my own baby! At wag ka, I have only 9 weeks left! At 25, people expect you working on your career or saving money for your future. Of course, I’m still building myself on that, too. But with my tummy so big. Haha!

I never, as in ever, thought of myself being a mom at 25 or 26. Oo, nasagot ko yang edad na yan when we were asked to write an essay about our future dreams and plans. But I didn’t expect it will really happen. Just all of a sudden, I fell in love, and we created life.

We only had a month to plan and prepare for the party. it’s kind of my “biglaang desisyon” and it was suddenly final. My family let me decide and they actively participated as well. Sobrang nakakatuwa because everyone at home was super excited! And I didn’t thought many would come. Thanks again, friends and family for making it happen. You really made my heart moooooore than happy. ❤

Naming Toyang

I realized I really like complicated things (LOL!). Many of my friends (including my family) think the name was not that easy to spell or pronounce. Yes, I know. Well that’s me as a mom. Haha!

I knew the baby shower was the perfect time for me to share the baby’s name. And yes, I named her after a Greek Goddess! Gusto ko sana medyo Tagalog at makaluma, but Mnemosyne just caught the 100% of me and it really fits me and my baby perfectly. I actually thought of the name before I knew the gender. Wala lang, malakas lang yung kutob ko na girl. I also wanted a boy, but I felt the baby’s a girl, and I was right!

So the name got very controversial as if I made a part of every guest’s life complicated. Mnemosyne Rae is named after us – me (M) and R, following the name of the Greek Goddess of Memory, Mnemosyne.

(c) Baste of Tumblr

I am a lover of words, and I treasure memories of any kind. So the first time I read about the Greek Goddess of Memory, I knew it’ll be perfect for my mini me. Mnemosyne is also an inventress of words (see word “mnemonic”) and the Mother of artistic inspiration. Mnemosyne, “remembrance” in English term, is one tricky word to spell, sabi nga nila. But I know Toyang will love the advantages of having a unique name.

It was a one-man decision, and I didn’t consult anyone even R or even my mom. I first found it hard to choose among all cute names, but this one really stood out not just because it is unique, but the meaning also caught me.

It’s honestly exciting that my expected due is on the same month as my birthday. I’m really looking forward to deliver Mneme on May. Thank God for the best gift ever! I really hope and pray for everything to go well, ngayon palang sobrang thankful na ko. At sana magtuloy tuloy to. 🙂

I don’t vlog (yet) but here’s one from a good friend, Travel Now, Memories Later (Anthony Benedicto). Happy viewing!


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