I’m moving to a new site! It’s been two fun years since I activated themhayonnaiseonline, and I thank you for giving it a wonderful life. I thought it’s too late for moving to a new home, but I’m here to take risks! I mean, why not? You’ll still visit me there, right? Let’s connect and read new stories at THEMHAYONNAISE.COM!

I’ve been receiving messages re my blog and my journal. And it feels nice to inspire you to get started and to the same. Thank you so much for appreciating the things I’ve been sharing. Earlier today I woke up with an idea of sharing my journaling process since a number of my readers are asking how do I do and maintain my cute notebook.

Lol, yes. My journal is a little fancy for a 25-year-old and a mom-to-be to maintain. Some (including me) expect a more minimalistic personal diary, but I can’t help but use wonderful colors and cute patterns. You’ll feel me, too, soon you start writing

Know your basics

These are my must-haves for journaling. And my list doesn’t have to be your list as well. When buying or hoarding stuff, keep in mind what’s more important for you. For me to buy things, it should: 1) be cute enough for me, 2) have good to best quality, 3) be at a very affordable price. Affordable meaning, depending on where I would use it for, ranges from 0-300 pesos each.


Choose your notebook wisely. Mine is actually unbranded. I bought it from Landmark at 100+ pesos and I chose a smaller one for me to easily carry it anywhere, but the paper quality is super good, I can actually paint on it directly.

Get yourself random pens (and pencils). I have ordinary pens to the most complicated brush pens with different colors. I’m not a collector, but I just want to have a wide options whenever I design. It will actually depend on how comfortable you are using it. There will be pens that are soooooo good, perfect stroke, perfect ink, but your hand can’t carry it correctly. And there will be pens with worst reviews, but your hands are comfortable enough using it, so your output looks perfect.

Washi tapes and/or stickers. These are one of the lease you should mind, but one of my top priorities. I loooooove washis and stickers. I buy washis of different types, but most of what I have now are ordinary printed masking tapes. I don’t buy stickers outside, I only get free stickers or print them myself. Pro tip:Pinterest has toooons of cute printable stickers. You just need a sticker paper (you can buy from NBS at a very affordable price) and a good printer.

Photo printer. Just in case you are a lover of photos, I can recommend Paperang. Or if you are into colored photos, I say just have yourself a regular colored printer and print your images on a photo paper. IDK, but I find those instant cameras and printers too expensive to maintain. Memories are priceless, yes. But there are cheaper and better ways to document or print them.

Paper patterns. Another not-so-needed, but I need them! I love using paper patterns as backgrounds and layers on my journal. They add more colors and life.

I also use water colors and poster paints in cases I’m bored with my usual materials. I also cut from magazines, and make some black-out pages.


What else to write on or to do with a journal?

My journal is my personal diary and my idea dumpsite and my art journal, at the same time. It’s very private, but it’s not a secret. I don’t keep it away from people, especially those parts with arts. So yes, aside from my drama, you can also see pages with paintings and photos. I also write my to-do lists, priorities, and ideas sometimes. I also sketchnote.

While you can see and read random things in my journal, some people also use journaling for documenting specific things such as – travel, cooking recipes, fitness, etc. They’re fun to read, honestly.

 Tips and resources

One of the things I love about journaling is that the designs are actually limitless, depends in your mood and your resources. Plus you can customize it the way you want – no rules, no judgments, no whatsoever. It’s very personal, yet you can share it because it’s art.

Here’s a quick glimpse of my journaling process as I fill in a page this morning. Happy Sunday!


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