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I’ve been wanting to have my own portable printer since  I’m doing a lot of journaling and scrapbooking. Then came the instant cameras and mobile photo printers which I found very interesting and fun. But maintaining it is a bit expensive and I don’t want to spend much on that, honestly. I mean, just print it with a regular printer and who cares anyway if you’re printing it instantly or if it’s taking you days before having a physical copy.

Do Paperang print-outs last? For how long?
I used to print images and quotes and memos with my Paperang printer. And one thing for sure, thermal printers – in general, no matter the brand – do not last for long. Thermal printers use friction, and thermal papers are heat sensitive. That’s why when we play write-on-it-with-our nails (I’m not sure if you did this, but I did, copying the cashiers at the malls. Lol.), we can actually create lines. Tadaaa! So when the created heat turns cold (like love and affection), the prints fade. So to answer your question, they don’t last long. My prints were clear for two-three months the most. Read an updated post here >>

And then I saw this mini printer in an online shopping app, and I thought, “ah! I found my printer at last!”


I’ve been using this for two months already and I still am happy about it. But of course, any item or product has its pros and cons. Let me share things I noticed about Paperang.


  • I am a fan of both colored, and monochromes. And yes, I love black and white photos, so personally this is a one of the pros, but most people are expecting more from colored photos. But again, if you prefer colored photos more, expect a much higher cost.
  • Photo printing is not that clear enough, but you can try different kinds of thermal paper you can actually buy from many supplies store or online.
  • UPDATE: there are times the Bluetooth connection isn’t working. Maybe it’s the problem is with my iPhone, since I can connect much easier with my Huawei (Android) device.
  • UPDATE: You need to have a registered account before you can connect with the app. Though registration is free, it’s still somehow a “hassle” because you can only use one account and one device at a time. So yep, whenever I’m using my Android phone, I have to re-log in again.


  • It’s super portable. In fact, with the size of 3.27 x 3.27 x 1.77 inch, weighing 0.204 kg, you can just put it in your pocket and print away anytime.
  • It uses Bluetooth technology, and is compatible to both Android and IOS devices. You can download the app here. > Android | IOS
  • So far, battery life is great! It has 1000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last for more 24 hours. Charging time is more or less one hour.
  • Printed texts are of great quality. So it is a great printer for your memo, notes, lists, labels, etc.
  • It’s cheaper than the colored printers (of course), and thermal papers are muuuuch muuuuch more cheaper than the colored ones.

So far, I am enjoying my new toy, especially I have lots of sticker thermal paper rolls (and washis!) Thanks to electroniccity.ph for a very convenient way to have this. The item is actually on sale today!

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20 thoughts on “PAPERANG P1 Review: the meow printer

  1. HI! Id like to ask if its working with other apps? Like the POS or Square apps for business.. im considering papering for receipt printing. I hope you can help me with this. Thanx!


  2. I’m thinking of getting this printer. I’m curious, have you updated the Paperang app since you wrote this review? On Google Play, I’m seeing the reviews for the official app aren’t too good since the most recent update back in March. It’s the only thing that is holding me off on purchasing the printer. I want to be sure I won’t have the same problem others are saying they are having with connecting to the device.


    1. I haven’t updated my Android app yet, and I haven’t encountered any issues on Huawei-to-Paperang connection. There are times it’s not easy to connect my Apple device to the printer though. But for Android, I say I’m okay.


  3. Hello, I just recently bought my paperang, it’s true that the printouts were not that clear. But in comparison with mine, yours are clearer. I’m just wondering if you can share any tips on how you can achieve a better resolution for printouts. Any recommendations for good thermal papers and where to buy them? Thank you.


    1. I use the thicker one, the sticker type. I bought them at the shop linked to my blog post via Shopee. And another tip, when printing, I always adjust the darkness to 3. Also, you can try cleaning the print head with little amount of alcohol.


  4. Hi! I saw your blog while trying to search for Paperang reviews. Anyway, I am just curious on the photo quality on the paper after few weeks (errr…months). I was looking at the specifications of the paper being used and it isa said to be “thermal.” Now, that in mind, it is the same as the POS receipts for almost all establishments and from what I noticed, print fades away over time (especially in present of hear). Any comments about this? Thanks.


  5. I just want to ask if the picture will fade away after many days, coz I know thermal paper receipts were fading, just wondering if this also happens in paperang


  6. i heard if the thermal paper prints fade, try hairdryer in medium heat and blow towards the thermal paper. not too close and not to hot. maybe you guys can made an experiment with it. i dont have thermal paper printed or hairdryer so i cant give a try. Well… goodluck!
    P/S : keep your thermal paper roll in a dark place in a dry cool place like in a closet… avoid direct lights (sun/lamp).

    Hope its work and helpful

    greeting from Sabah Malaysia!!!


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