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I really am jealous how fit Isabelle Daza is, and how she makes pregnancy + working out look easy. When I was in my first and second trimester, I already feel a little bit off and walang gana. So whenever I see Belle’s IG stories, I wish I had the same courage and strength and endurance she has.

What I am proud of, when it comes to being physically active during pregnancy is my little trek to Treasure Mountain. Haha! Weak, I know. Well, at least I did it. It is a little place for the people who can’t really hike tall mountains or can’t do a loooong trek to the summit. It is much more accessible or easy to go to, I promise.

I am known as a low-key hiker by friends and co-workers. I started day hiking in 2015 without any experience in any adventures known today (lol). Some of my climbs were okay, some were too adventurous, and some were what we call “buwis-buhay”. It actually depends on my mood or my stamina on that particular time (lol).

This time, I decided to take my hike a little more chill and tried Treasure Mountain. I already am hearing this before, but never tried it because my group isn’t fond of “chill climbs” or even day hikes. But since I was not feeling very well, but I sure needed to unwind, I invited my sisters to join me in this quick trip to Tanay, Rizal.

Note: If you’re planning to try Treasure Mountain, please read the whole post for a few important tips!

Rizal is one of the provinces near Manila with many mountains to climb like Daraitan, Pamitinan, Tagapo, etc. These hikes are ranging between levels 3-4 minor hike, but some trails are too difficult for beginners who are actually “softer” than we are expecting.

What’s sad is there are people who are faint-hearted or physically weak that are dreaming of experiencing the same thing hikers do (like me, sometimes). But “health” demands them to slow down and limit themselves to just staying in their comfort zone. Of course, we cannot argue with that, but it’s good to know that there are places like Treasure Mountain that can make them see the beauty of nature.


In our family, I am the only one “G” for an adventure. Well, except from my Dad who’s now 76 and still requesting for a Cebu adventure trip (random fact: he’s still very good in swimming and free diving, even with arthritis and rheuma). So it is very rare for us family to go for a trip like this together.

So I was very happy I got time to bond with my sisters in the mountains. Thanks, Treasure Mountain, though it was very magastos bec we actually have to pay for everything there except for the washroom. Not overpriced, though (except for the tent, I think 500php is expensive).

The experience

Of course, I was the one who planned, organized, and led the trip. It was a DIY trip for the three of us (Noreen, Phine, and I) and it their first time to join me to the mountains. Though they’re not satisfied with the sea of clouds as it was not what they expected – so I HATE YOU PHOTOSHOP EDITORS AND TIMELAPSE-ers FOR MAKING MY SISTERS EXPECT VERY HIGHLY.

Anyway, the experience was still great and I am happy they felt tired at the end of the trek for that’s the real price of witnessing the beauty of the mountains.  I feel like nabinyagan ko na sila, and that was enough. Unless they ask for another climb. Lol


More of my photos can be viewed on VSCO | themhayonnaise.

Treasure Mountain

It is known as Treasure Mountain Educational Campsite and is a private property owned by IDK lol. It is actually for the  people who loves the mountains and that are not that adventurous to hike for hours or days. It’s just a couple (or more, depends on traffic. You know Manila. *sighs*) of hours from Manila. You can actually trek to the campsite, but it is also very accessible by vehicles.

Itinerary and expenses

Below is our actual itinerary and expenses. rates are as of November, 2017. See more of Treasure Mountain details and updates on their Facebook page: Treasure Mountain.

treasure mountain itinerary | themhayonnaise

Important tips

  1. If you are commuting, jeepneys from Cogeo (pronounced as “ko-gyo”) bound to Sampaloc travels as early as 3am. Just go straight to CMA (City Mall of Antipolo).
  2. Tricycle drivers in Cogeo may offer you a service to Sito Maysawa for 150/pax which is 3 times more expensive than jeepney ride rates.
  3. CMA is located along the street in front of Cogeo Village gate 2. You just need a quick morning walk, less than 1km from the highway.
  4. If you are using a private car, be aware that the trail are becoming SUPER VERY MEGA muddy when it rains. Good luck.
  5. At the jump-off, you can hire a habal-habal or a tricycle both for 50 per head. Treasure Mountain have authorized bikers/drivers, but I think they actually cannot accommodate everyone so it is okay to hire other drivers as long as they don’t give overpriced rates.

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