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Note: This is an article originally posted on my previous blog, Miss Understood on Tumblr.

YES! Finally had a quick vacay after the longest time of work… and being bored at home! Believe it or not, this was my first time in La Union so please bear with my overly-shown happiness. I stayed there hoping to try everything from socializing to surfng, but the ASEAN traffic scared me  to stay there longer. Anyway, plan is to go back there maybe on January or at least before summer. For now, my next trip is to chill at on of the beaches in Zambales some time in December, before or after our company event in Baguio. Gusto ko lang sulitin, bes hanggat pwede. Lol

I am soooo much excited to share you, guys, not my photos or shots, but the layout I made just before I started drafting this post. So here they are:

Uhmm. Excuse my preview photo as my bf didn’t let me post it on fb so dito ako babawi.


We left Manila on a Sunday afternoon. Alanganin, but decided to go anyway because we didn’t have any room booking for the night or for the next day. So at least our first night (I was with my sis) was a night that would be spent finding cancelled bookings and vacant rooms. Fortunately, we found one.

Though the room we got at the Kabarkadahan Inn was expensive, we had no choice but just chill and enjoy – we didn’t spent much time in the room, instead we explored the place. I didn’t take any pictures as well.

Across Kabarkadahan was a souvenir and surf shop. I bought a surfing board keychain and thought of restarting my collections bec why not – may pambili na ko ulit ng keychains! Lol There are surfing boards, too. I feel like I’m gonna buy one soon. Char.


You can actually cross the highway, roam around the streets, eat your meals or snacks, make friends in your awkward swimwear – nobody cares. Similar to Bora or Zambales or other surfing resorts, nobody cares about how fit or fat or thin you are. People are just enjoying their own time, their own trip, unlike in the cities or on social media where you could get bashed or hated or bullied just because you’re not pretty enough for them. One reason why I like staying on the beach.


Most hotels there strictly have a 12nn check-out. Kung hindi lang kami nagtitipid, I’d book for another night. Also because of this, I had no choice but to minimize my use of the cameras and my phone. Tip: pede ka makisaksak sa mga kainan don, hanap ka lang, besh. Which didn’t cross my mind that time. So stupid.

Anyway, plans are plans. I will definitely see you again, El Yu.


And last, but definitely not the least, I’m sharing you this picture of shredded adobo I fell in love with. It’s just a common chicken adobo, though. But this meal relieved me from pagod at puyat so it really caught my heart.

Some of the meals around the area are pricey, but all of them are good. I don’t remember any disappointment I had except ang konti, bes, bitin.

Before I forget, here’s our itinerary and expenses.


*rates are as of November 14, 2017.

2 thoughts on “Quick La Union Getaway (with itinerary and expenses)

    1. Quick defined as “literally” quick (maybe one or two-day vacay), not basicaly a short drive. Hehe. Try it sometimes, just ask a friend or some kabarkada or family to go and drive with you. It’s fun and it’s worth it. 🏄🏻‍♀️

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