Books to read: January 2018 + how was my 2017 reads

“We’re constantly changing, rewiring, shedding our old cells, so if you re-read a book, it will be a different book from the one you read before.” – Austin Kleon

Better late than never! We’re already on the fourth week of January, but it is never too late (unless it’s already Feb) to share some good reads for the month (and unless you’re in for reading this as well on Feb). Sorry, guys, I’ve been busy being bored being forbidden to do something other than lying on bed, scrolling along my IG feed for the whole day, when I feel sleepy reading books.

So how was your 2017 reads?


I’ve read at least 36 books last year. Yea, I’m kinda wide reader. But you’ll now more bookworms and dragons on Goodreads! I honestly challenged myself to read 50, but my time and schedule was a little tighter than expected. But at least I’ve had 36.


The shortest book I’ve read was Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs. Not a fan, though. But the book was good. My longest read was Les Miserables, I mean, of course, it’s long and it’s great, but I honestly got bored but who cares, right? It’s still one of the best books ever.

So what’s next?

For my new readers, I’ve been sharing my shelf ever since I was on Tumblr. I don’t know if these kind of posts helps WP readers, but Tumblr bloggers are pretty much lovers of books.

On this post, I’ll be sharing how I got my eyes on the book, why I am reading them, and you can click the book title which is a link to its Goodreads page (add me there!). So here’s my books to read / current reads for the month:

  • What To Expect When You’re Expecting – I borrowed this book from one of my officemates and ever since I got my hands and eyes on it, I learned a lot about pregnancy particularly on how to manage everything during my fifth month. It’s nice to  have read a book on pregnancy specially for the first time moms. Such a big help.
  • The Next Logical Step – I found this on Amazon for free. Since I have no resources yes of free ebooks, I either buy copies or grab some freebies from book clubs or from Amazon. I found this book interesting after reading a few chapters and decided to finish it this month.
  • The Last Letter – one of the books I received from eBook Daily. Kinda interesting, though. As it is receiving almost 4 stars as of date. Why not try?
  • Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock – one of my to-read books last year, but never touched. Lol. Here we go, Matthew, gimme that good read.

Want free ebooks everyday? You can always check what books are available for free on Amazon or subscribe to eBookDaily for more.

Happy reading!






8 thoughts on “Books to read: January 2018 + how was my 2017 reads

  1. I love to read, but at moment don’t have time to read many books due to school.

    The books I read last year were Oliver Twist, A Clearing in the Forest, Five Little Pigs, 2 Land of Stories Books, Queen of the Tearling, One Hundred Story Home, Same Kind of Different as Me, 150 Years of Musical Theatre, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and A Christmas Carol.


    1. No pressure, Meg. Priorities first. The most important thing is you’re doing what you need to do and whatever that makes you happy. 😊

      Thanks also for sharing you past reads. I’ll look at those some time!


      1. But I have found time in between semesters, which is why I created the classic book challenge when I try to read a classic in a limited amount of time. I am graduating in May so I can expand those deadlines and might be able to read more books.


      2. That’s great! Congratulations! That’s one thing I love about books, they never leave. You can read anytime and anywhere. Good luck on your future career! 💕


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