On challenging myself

UPDATED: August 14, 2018

So this post has been stuck in my draft for few days already and it’s just now that I remembered to update and post it. Lol

I am not a believer of “new year resolutions” anymore because they’re honestly bullsh*t. You get to “change” your habit or add another activity just to say you’re starting a “new year and new life”. Luh! Enough of the pretentious courage/inspo. Just do whatever you feel like doing and be better.

In case you’re wondering what I am up to this month or year or whenever, I am up to reading more books, taking more photos, exploring more, writing more, learning more. What’s on your list?


Goodreads Reading Challenge

I love reading many kinds of books from arts to novels and others. And one way of tracking my bookshelf (physically printed, or digital) is logging them in all on to my Goodreads account.

Last year I set a goal of 50 (turned 30) books to read. Yep, I didn’t make it to my initial goal because life happened – relationships, work, etc – and I didn’t force myself. One reason why you don’t achieve your goal is you force yourself into it without the commitment. You are committed to finishing your job, but you’re not committed to your job as it is. Whatever. Here’s Goodread to help you track your, whatever you call it, “goals” or “reading activities.)

In case you ask, I get my books from my bf – my forever supplier-, or buy something cool from book sales. I am using iBook apps and Kindle for ebooks. I don’t have any website to recommend where to download ebooks for free, but you can always buy a copy from iBooks or Amazon.

Yas. Except I am 13 books late as of writing. But at least I’m moving!

FMS Photo A Day

I rarely edit my photographs. But recently, I am just into filters all of a sudden. Retro, vintage, grains, pastels, etc. I super love them. I even use some apps to take a cute photo and post them on my VSCO account.

I already tried participating in Chantelle’s Photo A Day challenges, but never finished it because uploading in VSCO is so much easier than adding particular hashtags per post per day. Ugh~ But this month, I will try to expose my work more on social media via PAD.

Nah. we’re already past half of 2018, but I still don’t have anything to boast under this item. If it helps, my VSCO account remains active and I try to update it as frequently as I can.


I really try hard to update my blog everyday. Though I’m always having lapses, I try updating at least every week. But now that I have more spare time (a.k.a. the need to unwind but limited travels), I guess I’m able to write more often.

Aside from this blog, I also have my Tumblr which is always on stand-by in case I have something to share via mobile (bec I don’t have WP on my phone). And also super thankful for IOS’ Notes app, where I scribble down all my random notes, thoughts, and ideas. Plus I am also eyeing recording voice/audio notes for when my hands are to busy to type or write. Lol. Sooooo ~HELP! Recommend some audio diary apps!~

Nah. As hard as I tried to update my blog regularly (inspired by Austin Kleon), apparently, I can’t. With the workload on being an auditor, risk officer, a blog contributor, and a mom, I just can’t.

City life~

Now that I am totally forbidden to go out of town, I plan to explore more of the Metro – Makati, BGC, Manila, from libraries to parks and even malls. Try out some unfamiliar restos and museums, etc. Really can’t wait for street photography I’ve been planning for so looooong!

Yay. Good news, though. I have booked my first travel this year. Come November, I’m going to be busy traveling the PH again. Hu. Excited.

So there you go, there’s my plans according to what I like *and not forcing myself to change, just upgrading my habits! Lels.* What are you into this year? Let me guess, more travels?


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