Unable to sleep? Here’s my list of things you can try to have a good night sleep

Honestly, I drafted this post super late in the evening. Not because I am insomniac, but because I wasn’t able to sleep in excitement of posting this list.

I was completing a level of a mobile game when I realized it was already 10PM. 10PM might not be super late, but I was influenced to sleep earlier than 9. And it actually became a huge adjustment for me.

I finished a college program specifically designed to not let students sleep at night (kidding). Plus I am an artist and basically, artists work at night. Plus, I am insomniac so all things worked for me for the longest time. I used to go to sleep at 1 or 2AM. That WAS my normal sleeping time.

Now that I am trying to #adult, and adulting is never sleeping late because you’re supposed to be already tired at 9PM, ready to rest. What I do is make myself super confy that my body is so relaxed and my mind is to much at ease that I don’t want anything more than sleep. Here are the things I usually do to have myself a good night sleep (aside from brushing your teeth) which you can also try!

Night bath

There’s nothing else more comfy than a night bath whether warm or cold (I prefer cold) before sleep. It is better if you use milder soap for the evening (I use Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath) to make your skin feel softer. Plus apply a little amount of cherry blossoms lotion all over your body (I use lotions from Mumuso, and I do lotions only at night) to make yourself smell fresher.

Wear a face mask

This is my favorite part!!! Though I am not doing it every night because I am lazy enough to just stare and think of those products. Ha!

Yep, for 10-15 minutes (or so, depends on how much you spoil yourself and depends on how active your serum is), grab that face mask and wear it to your precious little face.. I am a fan of Mumuso simply because you can get quality items at a very affordable price – including the plain face mask I am using. I’m not that comfortable at using serums or whatever they call those liquid or semi-liquid thing they’re using for the mask, but I use aloe or bamboo gel also from Mumuso.

Play mobile games

I don’t download games on my phone, but the game updates on the Messenger apps really helps. Nah. I don’t think you’ll have a nice sleep because of this, but it works for me so…

Read a book

If you’re trying to have a break with your smartphone (which you should), then try reading a book (yep, that fragrant, old book). Not only it helps you widen your vocabulary, it is also kinda boring which can make you sleep faster.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover of books of any kind. It’s just how can you feed your mind when you’re trying to sleep? This, I think, is more of “tire your eyes so you can sleep now” thing. Just re-read it in the morning.

Drink cold water or milk (better)

I’ve already read this before, how water and milk help us sleep well. That magic is still amazing even I’m already 25.

Making yourself sleep at night is one of the most annoying tricks in life. But whatever, we need sleep so we have no choice.

I honestly don’t think my list can help you, insomniacs. But talk to me so I can update this post according to your advice. Thanky!



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