2017 Favorites

Cleared up my previous WordPress blog and starting again~ I’ll be activating this blog supposedly on January 2018 but I just feel excited and I think it is also okay to start few days before the plan and to start a new year with a little round-up and a little darker story (upcoming~).

Hello, everyone! So I’m back sharing my personal stories here on WordPress! I honestly don’t know what to post, or where to start, but I am toooo excited to publish at least one post! We are in a mandatory leave for two weeks and I feel super bored. Aside from prepping for Christmas and New Year celebrations, I have nothing else to do. So I decided to spend my time setting up my new blog for my new life. Naks.

Forget what I mentioned, as I am saving that for my future post/s. Today, I’m gonna share how my 2017 went in case you’re interested or in case you also have nothing to be inspired. Yep, let me inspire you on my first (for the nth time) post!


I’d like to share more than three, but I lost my list and my goodreads is not updated. But I can share more of them on my future posts. For now, let’s settle for my top favorite novels for 2017. Uhm, yea, they’re not written nor published this year, but I just read them so yea.


  • Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami. I love a number of authors, but Murakami is the best. Though his original works are usually in Japanese, the English translations are still epic. This book is one of my favorites for 2017 and for all time. If you haven’t read this one yet, please do! Swear, it’s worth your precious time.
  • Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. I thought of limiting myself on YA books, but this one really caught my attention when I first read the synopsis. Homosexuality is a BIIIG issue nowadays. This thing needs not more attention, but more understanding from everyone. This book is a big help for you to understand the issue among young adults suffering NOT identity crisis, but the fear of being judged and be dismissed by people around them.
  • South of the Border, West of the Sun, again, by Haruki Murakami. My love for Murakami started last year. I actually have all his books in ebook (but I forgot my online drive password!!!! huhu) This book is my fave, though heartbreaking, love story. I hate to spoil you, but cheating isn’t love!!!


It still amazes me when I browse for blogs and a lot of them are good and read-worthy. But these three bloggers are my top inspirations for the year. They’re like my “bank of thoughts” where I withdraw ideas from, and of course, I really am a fan of their works.


  • Abbey Sy is an artist (and an author). What I love most about her work is the genuineness, and them being sooo colorful. I love how she brainstorm her ideas and also I love how she writes especially on her blog.
  • Austin Kleon is also an artist and an author. Yep, I am a BIIIIG fan of artists of all genre. I think almost all artists loved his book Steal Like An Artist. Well, if you also do, visit his blog to  see and read more of his work.
  • Solenn Heussaff is an actress in the Philippines, and also an artist. I super looooove her paintings and works. If I were to give her life a title I’d say “#LifeGoals”. Her life is almost of the things I want in mine – art, travel, music, gorg husband, true friends, even her life and personal problems are worth having. Don’t get me wrong, I just love this girl so much.

Films and Series

I am a forever fan of horror and thriller movies. Idk, but I enjoy them more than romance films or animations. I love adventure movies, too. So aside from the famous Supernatural and The Big Bang Theory, here’s my list of films I saw and loved this year.

  • The Last Descent this is a story of a guy who was trapped in an underground cave. Okay, I said I love adventures, so I loved watching the film. But I will never (ever) go down a cave that narrow. Spoiler: he died. And yes, this is based on a true story.
  • Jigsaw the latest film from the movie series Saw. Ever since I started watching horror movies, my interest was already caught by Saw. Yep, I was still young. But how the traps worked really amazed me.
  • Abstract is a series about all of arts. To be honest, I found the first episode super boring, but it got better along the way. If you are an art lover, you’ll need to catch up on this.
  • Genius is produced by NatGeo and I am a fan of NatGeo. So when I saw the trailer for the promo of this series, I immediately set my calendar and yeeeep I didn’t watch it. I like binge-watching so I waited for weeks before playing them all.


I had more time (and money! yey~) to spend on traveling this 2017. And actually I haven’t blogged about some of them because I didn’t have enough time to write bec !werq~. So I looked for an app that can help me store memories and temporarily draft them into a blog post. All for 2018. So please be better!

I actually thought of re-writing them all here but there are too much to copy-paste! Just click the links (some of my travel highlights in 2017 bec ~reasons~) of below and it will redirect you to my old blog.

Mor eof my travel posts here: Miss Understood | Travels


  • Longest vacay everrrr~ one of the biggest risks I took was quitting my job without any assurance of having a new one. I left my previous job September last year. Thanks to my last pay and my union savings, I still managed to support my family financially and of course my travels. So yep. Beginning November (Cebu) to June (Bicol) (OMG that was almost eight months!) I traveled and enjoyed my free time. 🙂
  • Second multi-national corporate job. When I was in Bicol, I received an invitation from a pharma company. I rejected some offers already, but this time, I really needed a job. Paubos na budget ko sa gala, besh. So I accepted the invitation and a week before June 16, I was hired. That was quick and very fortunate for I needed not to tire myself submitting applications and run from company to another. Thank you, Lord, You really are the best!
  • My first team building experience is with my Legal and Compliance team. We had it at Cintai Corito’s Garden in Batangas. Yep, this little experience made it to my “milestones” list because, again, THIS WAS MY FIRST TIME!!! and I’m glad I had this with the best team I’ve ever been in my whole working career.
  • Being in a relationship. Yep! I finally managed to say “I love you, too!”

Ugh. This is awkward, but I really am bad in closing discussions and even posts. So let’s just end it here.

P.S. I know I suck at blogging. Please comment here or leave me a private message if I did well or if not, please share your ideas and help me improve my blogging. Thank you so much! Ciao!


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