Hello there! I’m May, aka The Mhayonnaise.

I’ve been using the handle since 2010, and now I’m all around the internet as The Mhayonnaise.

I‘m a 26-year-old single mom of one from Manila, Philippines. I have a full-time corporate job as an auditor, a compliance representative, and risk control officer of a multinational company. Pretty scary to blog about my life, huh? But don’t worry, I assure you what I share here is just around 3% of the puzzle.

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So what can you get or read from my blog?

My blog, mainly, is initially created for sharing of my personal stories and thoughts. And with my love for writing, I slowly turned my pages to more detailed articles you, my readers, would hopefully find useful.

For detailed information, I am currently working on my lists and  and how these works. Patience, please!

Travel experiences, itineraries, guides, and tips
Recommended dishes from different establishments and reviews of such
My view on real struggles and rewards on being a single parent

We can also work together! To share my passion in writing, I am opening my blog to interested establishments, business owners, and bloggers in working with projects such as:

Food reviews and features
Travel reviews and features
Group travels
Guest posts

Interested in working together? Drop your queries and/or proposals and email me at maivargas@icloud.com.